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Van Rhynsdorp

Things To Do In Vanrhynsdorp

  • Latsky Radio Museum
  • Vanrhyn Museum
  • Succulent nursery
  • Anglo Boer War Route
  • Wild flowers from July to September


Situated to the northwest of the Maskam Mountains and approximately 15 minutes from Oasis Country Lodge, Vanrhynsdorp, the oldest town in Namaqualand offers an interesting days outing for the visitor to Oasis Country Lodge.

Vanrhynsdorp boasts the largest indigenous succulent nursery in the South Hemosphere. Definitely worth a visit.

See also numerous Bushmen rock paintings and visit the Latsky Radio Museum as well as the Van Rhyn Museum which will give you detailed information into the background and origins of this fascinating town.

In addidtion, Vanrhynsdorp also offers one of nature's most specatacular floral displays anytime from July to August, when the fields come alive with veld flowers - something not to be missed. When driving through the town towards Nieuwoudtville on a day trip, you're bound to see several gardens during the flower season with an abundant display of wild flowers.